Spirited Celebrations: A Well-Established Tradition among Baseball Teams

Spirited Celebrations: A Well-Established Tradition among Baseball Teams

Clubhouse champagne showers, beer slip n’ slides — they’re a staple of baseball game victories. If a team clinches a playoff or wins a championship, then there’s a huge chance the players will be spraying alcohol into the air.

These championship celebrations are a time for laughs, hugs, and tears. Sometimes, the parties get so intense that the alcohol sprays end up in a person’s back or eyes (or goggles, since some players use them for protection).

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A Tradition Rooted in History

Champagne showers are a baseball ritual that dates back to the 1940s. One of the first post-game festivities happened in 1941. After winning the National League (NL) for the first time in 21 years, the Brooklyn Dodgers sprayed everyone with champagne on the team’s train ride back to New York.

After the Dodgers clinched another NL victory in 1956, there were also reports of beer and champagne poured over the heads of players who still had their uniforms on.

Popping the Corks after a Victory

Since then, baseball game after-party celebrants have only upped the ante with over-the-top celebrations that could spill out onto the walls and floors.

It doesn’t take a huge victory to crack open the champagne and beer, though. Other teams believe that clinching a wild-card spot or capturing the division series is enough reason to bring life to your party by bringing in the alcohol.

Pacers Showgirls International provides an ideal venue for liquor and intimate delights. Our gentleman’s club in San Diego guarantees an exciting night of adult entertainment. After all, baseball players can never tell when their next win might be.

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